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Client: Lorenz
Date: June 13, 2013
Venue: Country Park - Ceradz Kościelny n/Poznan

A training and team building corporate event for the employees of Lorenz Snack-World, one of the biggest European producer of salty and sweet snacks. After training sessions the guests took part in team building activities in the form of geocaching – i.e. the the outdoor game of searching for hidden objects by using Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates. Around 90 people took part in the event.

The event took place in the forest in the vicinity of “Country Park” recreation center near Poznan. The Agency organized several activities and tasks to be fulfilled by the participants, who were grouped into teams. The tasks required physical fitness, logical thinking and teamwork. Each team had a guide, who supervised the realization of assignments.

VIP-art Agency was responsible for the organization of team building component of the event. Our duties comprised:

- the scenario of the event
- obtaining of the permission to do the activities in the forest
- engagement of guides
- preparation of the equipment required to fulfill the tasks
- supervision of the activities
- photo documentation of the event






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