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ATC Rail
Opening Ceremony of the Container Terminal

Client: ATC Rail S.A.
Date: April 24, 2012
Venue: Poznań - container terminal ATC

Grand opening of the container terminal of ATC Rail S.A. The event took place on the premises of the company and consisted of several parts. Official opening ceremony, catering (grilled meat with side dishes served in the outdoors) and unofficial talks with individual customers. The event was attended by about 250 people. The main podium, the audience and multimedia were situated in the marquee hall erected especially for the purpose.

The spatial conditions of the terminal area determined the usage of additional infrastructure - a marquee tent, multimedia, including LED screen, plasma monitors, sound system and lighting. In addition, the catering facilities needed for preparation of refreshments and grilled dishes were provided.

Comprehensive realization of the event, monitoring and coordination of all the preparation activities and logistics. Preparation of the event’s agenda according to the guides outlined by the client. Rental of the infrastructure items (marquee tent, audio-visual equipment, PA system, catering facilities). Supervising of all the activities and subcontractors.






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