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Vorwerk Polska
Five Elements - 16th Congress of Vorwerk Poland

Client: Vorwerk Polska
Date: February 11, 2012
Venue: Łódź – Hotel andel's

The annual meeting of the associates of Vorwerk Poland – the distributor of Thermomix, the multifunctional kitchen appliance. The event was held in the ballroom of andel's Hotel Łódź, and the main theme was: Five Elements. Successive parts of the meeting related to the elements, which were visualized using the media (effect lights, sound, images). Short artistic performances (sand animation, juggling show) were embedded between official speeches and presentations. The main attraction of the evening was the recital of popular Polish singer Kuba Badach. After the official part of the meeting the dancing party started. The guests danced to the beat of Polish and international evergreens provided by the excellent quartet of entertainers “Szafa Gra”. The event was attended by over 300 guests.

The event was held in the ballroom of the andel's hotel, a place located on the top floor of the historic building of a former textile factory. To properly arrange the room with an area of 900 square meters and a height of about 7 meters, media were provided - a modern LED screen and the LED mesh, that was suspended from the ceiling along the three walls of the ballroom. On the screen and the mesh the specially prepared films were displayed. The realization of the event required precise coordination of all the teams responsible for the media. An additional logistic challenge were the room size and situation and a very limited time for assembly and disassembly.

Organization and coordination of all activities concerning the organizational, technical and logistic aspects of the event. Our Agency prepared the graphic designs for the event, designed the logo and prints invitations, oversized vouchers and checks. In addition, VIP-art developed the visual concept of the event and provided photos and footage, which constituted a dynamic decoration of the event. Agency engaged all performers and subcontractors, including highlight of the evening, a group of jugglers, sand animation and DJ. VIP-art monitored and supervised the assembly of the event infrastructure.