UPM Raflatac
Joulupukki 2011 – Annual meeting with key partners

Client: UPM Raflatac
Date: December 2, 2011
Venue: Zawiercie – Hotel Villa Verde

The annual meeting of customers and employees of UPM Raflatac, one of the leaders in the production of self-adhesive labels and RFID manufacturer. Due to the origin of the company and the date of the meeting, the event had a lot of references to the Finnish tradition and customs, and the evening’s special guest was Joulupukki aka Santa Claus. The event was held at the Hotel Villa Verde in Zawiercie, which specializes in organization of corporate events. Highlight of the evening was the stunning performance by renowned mime Ireneusz Krosny. Afterwards the gusts danced to the music of world and Polish hits delivered by excellent cover band "Drugi Tydzien ". The event was attended by about 200 guests.

For the purpose of the event the entire hotel was booked, and guests had an exclusive access to the fitness center and spa. The layout of the hotel premises allowed for the organization of the artistic performance (audience in a theater) and the banquet (dinner, dance floor, band stand) in independent halls.

Comprehensive organization and coordination of all activities concerning the realization, of the event and logistics. The agency found a venue that met the needs of the client with reference to the number of guests and the proposed activities. The Agency had prepared a detailed scenario of the event, engaged contractors - star of the evening, band, dance group, the MC and DJ and hired technical infrastructure.






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