Opening of new BASF Polyurethane System House

Client: Agency MERTEL (Slovakia)
Date: October 7, 2010
Venue: Śrem – BASF Factory

Opening ceremony of the plant and factory of BASF in Śrem. The event was attended by 250 guests – representatives of local authorities, business partners and clients.
The event consisted of two parts – the first gathered the representatives of the local authorities, journalists, and the representatives of BASF European business partners. The second part was attended by representatives of BASF company and the main clients. The event was moderated by Agata Konarska – a popular TV journalist.

VIP-art Agency acted as a subcontractor of Slovakian Agency MERTEL, which was responsible for the organization and production of the event. VIP-art Agency provided a simultaneous interpretation system operating in three languages for 250 people (interpreters’ booths, transmitters and receivers). VIP-art also hired the team of experienced interpreters to provide simultaneous translations, as well as three consecutive interpreters who assisted the VIPs during informal conversations. VIP-art recommended and engaged Ms. Agata Konarska – a popular journalist and TV presenter – who acted as the Master of Ceremony.





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