"Knights' Feast" - Gala of CHATA POLSKA

Client: Chata Polska
Date: May 29, 2009
Venue: Lagów Castle

Annual meetings of employees and partners of CHATA POLSKA have a long lasting tradition. In 2009 the event took place at the Saint John’s Order former castle in Lagów and was attended by 450 guests – employees, representatives and partners of the firm.

At the conference which preceded the party, the newly opened warehouse of CHATA POLSKA was presented and prizes were given to the key suppliers, shops’ managers and the best employees.

The party took place in the park at the lake. During the “Knights’ Feast” the guests watched the presentation of medieval duels between knights, prepared by the re-enactment group of Zielona Góra. The guest also took part in “medieval” contests. The highlights of the evening were the bartender show by Bartender World Champions and the concert of top polish rock group KOMBII. The presentation of the Theatre of Fire closed the evening.

VIP-art Agency dealt with the complete organization and realisation of the event. Agency provided the infrastructure (stage, PA system, lights), booked the artists and subcontractors, designed and prepared decoration of the main stage as well as the printed materials (invitations, roll-ups). Finally VIP-art Agency made the photo documentation of the whole event.






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