NIVEA Polska S.A.
Press conference of Nivea Polska S. A.

CLIENT: Nivea Polska S.A.
DATE: November 24, 2008
VENUE: National Museum in Poznań

Press conference organized for 30 journalists from leading women magazines to promote the launching of the new line of women cosmetics. The conference, that took place in the hall of the National Museum in Poznań, started with the presentation of new cosmetics followed by multimedia presentation of modern technologies in cosmetic industry. After the presentation the refreshments were served with background music provided by Jazzy J Quartet. Afterwards the guests saw the exhibition of paintings by Malina Wieczorek, photographs by Monika Lisiecka and jewelry designed by Anna Orska for leading Poznań jeweler W. KRUK.

The interior of the museum was specially adapted for the sake of the event. The unusual atmosphere was created by multimedia (LED display, plasma display walls and effect lights).

VIP-art Agency was responsible for overall organization and realization of the event:
- booking of a hotel for the guests
- rental of PA system, multimedia and lights
- scenario of the event and coordination of all activites
- logistics
- catering
- booking of the music group
- arrangement of exhibitions
- photo documentation of the event





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