Chata Polska
Annual meeting of employees and partners of CHATA POLSKA

CLIENT: Chata Polska
DATE: May 16, 2008
VENUE: Castle in Lagów

Annual meeting of employees and partners of CHATA POLSKA had a form of a open-air feast. The event was attended by some 400 guests. The main party was preceded by a conference and a short course of self-presentation run by popular advisor and specialist on political marketing, Piotr Tymochowicz.

The feast took place at the foot of the castle hill in the park, near the lake. The highlights of the evening were the top Polish comedy group “Kabaret Moralnego Pokoju” and the legend of Polish big-beat SKALDOWIE. The leitmotiv of the evening was a song about Chata Polska with a lyric written specially for the occasion. At the end of the party the guests sang the song to the music of a popular hit by SKALDOWIE.

VIP-art Agency dealt with the complete organization and production of the event. Agency had worked out the scenario of the event, booked the artists, designed and produced decoration and all the printouts and coordinated the smooth realization of the planned activities.





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