CLIENT:ICT Poland - producer of paper towels, tissues and toilet paper
DATE: April 3, 2008
VENUES: Sheraton Warsaw Hotel

The meeting of the distributors of Foxy brand - one of the world's leading brands of paper products made of tissue - took place in Sheraton Warsaw Hotel. The meeting started with the presentation of the firm's strategy and the film about ICT and Foxy history. At the meeting the new line of products has been presented. After the presentation the guests had an Italian dinner and afterwards watched the show by popular Polish actor and comedian Jerzy Kryszak and a scene by dance group X Ray. One of the highlights of the evening was the Tuscan wines tasting.

VIP-art Agency dealt with the complete organization and realization of the event:

  • booking of the venue, PA system, light effects and AV equipment
  • creation of the scenario of the event and overall coordination of planned activities
  • writing of a script and production of the film about ICT
  • writing of a scripts and production of the quasi TV commercials prepared specifically for the sake of the event
  • booking of artists
  • preparation of the Tuscan wine tasting - setup of the tasting stand, selection of wines
  • design and production of invitations and all other printed materials (posters, menus, IDs)
  • photo documentation of the event





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